Video presentation – Auto Clicker Mac

Auto Clicker Mac – Video presentation

A new video presentation of the Auto Clicker Mac application, from Xypher Software, specifically designed to make you fully grasp the application’s utility and to give you a better understanding of the features. Designed for any user, the application will help you in everyday life, it’s first and most important application is that, it’s going to save you a lot of time allowing you to get detached from your computer. It can be used even in games like Minecraft.

Social Media – Auto Clicker Mac

Another application it might have is when you want to add friends on Facebook at a certain time interval.. You can also use it for generating likes. What you have to figure out for yourself is where the posts, the friends suggestion and every other clickable button on Facebook, is, and how to set it up in a position so it can click repeatedly.

It can be used on LinkedIn or any other social network where you can determine the location of the buttons of posts, add, follow and so on. So the application of the app in social media is undeniably powerful. The settings that can be set in the application are also created for this purpose. We hope Auto Clicker Mac will help you in your marketing campaigns, as it helps us. There are currently 3 versions of the application available. The Free one is what you might call if you’re an old timer, a shareware. You can try out the basic features and you have 100 clicks per session.

The Basic version will give you access to the basic features of the application. And the Advanced version will give you access to all of the advanced features of the Auto Clicker Mac software.
We hope you enjoy our app and for any suggestions,bugs or technical support please contact us at

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